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 WcW Title Rankings 9-2-12

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WcW Title Rankings 9-2-12 Empty
PostSubject: WcW Title Rankings 9-2-12   WcW Title Rankings 9-2-12 Empty9/2/2012, 1:30 pm

Alright guys..... To get a shot or be a contender, you need to promo. I understand people can be busy and don't wish to promo every week. It would be great to see it though. If you didn't promo for this week, (Including the Smackdown before last.... Not this past smackdown.) then don't question why you were not on here! I apologise that this wasn't up yesterday, I got busy....

World Title Rankings


WCW World Heavyweight Champion

1. Undertaker
2. Mick Foely
3. Triple H
4. The Rock

Intercontinental Title Rankings

John Cena

WCW Intercontinental Champion

1. Randy Orton
2. The Big Show
3. Jeff Hardy
4. The Miz

United States Title Rankings

Chris Jericho

WCW United States Champion

1. Booker T
2. CM Punk

World Tag Team Title Rankings

The Rock & Brock Connection (The Rock & Brock Lesnar)

WCW World Tag Team Champions

1. The Harlem Twist (Booker T and Jeff Hardy)
2. Roode and Shane O' Mac

(Note: Wish to be on here? PROMO! I am also not open to any suggestions.....)
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WcW Title Rankings 9-2-12
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