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 WCW Power 10 9/9/12

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WCW Power 10 9/9/12 Empty
PostSubject: WCW Power 10 9/9/12   WCW Power 10 9/9/12 Empty9/9/2012, 10:37 pm

Hi! I'm Michael Cole! The new presenter of the WcW Power Ten! And this message is brought to you by WCWShop.com!

1. Randy Orton
The "Viper" continues his domination over the superstars of WCW and just keeps adding the accolades! After beating John Cena for the Intercontinental Championship, his resume gets just that more impressive. He has won the King of the Ring, The M.I.T.B Breifcase and now the Intercontinental Title. He has to be setting his eyes on the richest prize in the game, The WCW World Title!

2. The Undertaker
The Dead Man told no tales as he walked into Armageddon and walked out, like the month prior, as WCW Heavyweight Champion.
3. Triple H
The King of Kings didn’t bring home the crown to the kingdom but he did impress at Armageddon.

4. The Connection (Brock Lesnar and The Rock)
Our current tag champions are on the Power Ten at number 4! This Titanic Duo seems unstoppable, but do they both have singles aspirations?

5. Chris Jericho
The “Savior of WCW” continues winning despite the odds never being in his favor.

6. The Miz
The Miz has been on a roll since making his return, one has to wonder if he will be holding a title before too long.

7. Mick Foley
The “Hardcore Icon” may have lost at his bid to the World Title but he seems to have regained the trust of the fans. IS that enough for the “Mickster”!?

8. The Big Show
The once Mighty & Dominant Giant has fallen from grace. After several attempts to regain the US Title, the big man keeps coming up short. Isw it time to retreat & regroup for the Master of the WMD?

9.Jeff Hardy
Jeff is making waves in the singles and tag ranks as of late. A big win over CM Punk really puts in the running for a future title shot.

10. CM Punk
The “Best in the World” has been anything but that since his return. What will he do to change the streak he has been on?
Thank you all..... This has been Michael Cole with the Power Ten Rankings.

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WCW Power 10 9/9/12
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