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 WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/23-9/30/12

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wCw Assistant GM

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PostSubject: WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/23-9/30/12   10/1/2012, 2:20 am

Hi im Michael Cole, and welcome to the WCW Power 10! This week we will cover everything from no mercy, to all the fallout that occured on monday night raw. It was an explosive week in WCW so without further ado here is your WCW Power 10!

1. Randy Orton
The viper successfully defended his intercontinental championship at no mercy in a 60 minute ironman match against brock lesnar. orton also defeated the game triple h on raw to send a statement to the wcw universe that he is the man. orton has looked good the past couple of weeks but how long can he keep it up with competition on the rise in WCW, only time will tell.

2. CM Punk
The best in the world has finally hit a smooth groove here in WCW, and what a better way to prove it by defeating RVD in his special match type extreme rules at no mercy, and defeating the one man band on raw. the future looks bright for CM Punk.

3. Chris Jericho
The United States Champion has held on to his title for a long time now, but he has alligned with dude love and has created a new persona, funka jericho. all I know is funka Jericho got a big win by defeating the former world champion Edge on raw. Will this new gimmick ignite a dangerous spark in chris, or will he faulter and lose his title? we'll have to tune in to find out.

4. The Undertaker
The world Heavyweight champion has not been seen as of late, but his presense has definetly been felt throughout the locker room, will the deadman arise on smackdown? who knows.

5. Jeff Hardy
The charasmatic enigma has gotten some big wins over the past few weeks and has been embroiled in a heated rivalry with the miz that culimated at no mercy in a TLC match in which jeff hardy prevailed. Is this really the end of there rivalry, or will the outspoken must see awesome superstar the miz have something to say about this, we'll have to wait and see. the future looks bright for jeff maybe he'll be in line for a title shot soon.

6. Edge
The Rated R Superstar has done well since returning however the week has been mixed for him, he picked up a big win at no mercy defeating, triple h. however when raw came around edge suffered a loss to the u.s. champion chris jericho. Can the Rated R Superstar rebound on smackdown?

7. Triple H
It has been a tough week for the game, he lost to Edge at no mercy and the I.C. champion Randy Orton on raw. Is it game over for the game, or will the cerebal asassain rebound in a big way on smackdown?

8. Brock Lesnar
After weeks of talking trash on the viper, The beast was silenced by the viper this past sunday at no mercy in a 60 minute ironman match. however im sure the beast is focused on getting those tag titles back on raw this week.

9. The Rock
The #1 contender to the world title was no where to be found at no mercy and raw, has the rock went off and made another movie? hopefully we find out soon.

10. Daniel Bryan
The American Dragon has made his presense known over the past few weeks and got a win against shane mcmahon on raw. therefore D BRY gets the final spot on our power 10.

Well that is all ladies and Gentlemen tune in next week to see where everyone stands, im michael cole signing off from WCW Headquarters.

[this is my first one so let me know if I overlooked anyone, I am welcome to some constructive criticism if needed via pm please thanks, hope you guys liked it.]
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wCw Assistant GM
wCw Assistant GM

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PostSubject: Re: WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/23-9/30/12   10/1/2012, 5:56 pm

I think I may have been overlooked but it isn't a big deal. Pretty fair job I'd say
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PostSubject: Re: WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/23-9/30/12   10/1/2012, 6:54 pm

It came out very good for the first one.

Keep up the good stuff, Stunner.

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PostSubject: Re: WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/23-9/30/12   

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WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/23-9/30/12
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