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 WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/30/12-10/6/12

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WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/30/12-10/6/12 Empty
PostSubject: WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/30/12-10/6/12   WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/30/12-10/6/12 Empty10/6/2012, 8:23 pm

Hi im Michael Cole, and welcome to the WCW Power 10! This week we will cover everything from last weeks smackdown to this weeks raw. It was an explosive week in WCW so without further ado here is your WCW Power 10!

1. Randy Orton
WCW'S apex predator and intercontinental champion continues to showcase that he is at the top of the food chain. However he has one pesky challenger who continues to try and dispute this fact by claming that he is the best in the world. so far the viper has beaten cm punk on 2 seperate occasions but after RKO'ING paul heyman on raw, a flame ignited in cm punk and he sent a message to the viper by putting him to sleep on raw. this rivalry is becoming extremely personal. the question remains though, how long will orton be able to fend off the best in the world?

2. Chris Jericho
The united states champion continues to win and win here in WCW. he is right in the middle of a heated rivalry with Edge, Daniel Bryan, and Mick Foley. one has to wonder if these 4 will meat at halloween havoc or maybe sooner. Y2J is on fire here in WCW but can he keep it going in the weeks to come.

3. Edge
The Rated R Superstar continues to do well since his return to WCW. he taught mick foley to fear the spear on smackdown this past week. he is embroiled in a heated rivalry with Y2J, Daniel Bryan, and Mick Foley. personally I would love to see those 4 meet in a fatal 4 way, and if they do, the ultimate oppurtunist would definetly be a favorite to come out on top.

4. Brock Lesnar
The beast and his partner the rock won the right to face the harlem twist for the tag team titles by defeating the awesome game on raw this past week. Lesnar looks dangerous since losing to orton at no mercy, WCW watch out, cause Brock Lesnar is on the loose.

5. CM Punk
The best in the world drops some spots this week after losing to Randy orton twice in a row, but as always im sure cm punk has some sort of master plan to try and dethrone the viper, he definetly sent a message to orton by GTS'ING him on raw. and now that he has alligned himself with paul heyman, the sky could be the limit for punk. who knows whats next for these two.

6. The Rock
The people's champion returned and made a statement that he can still lay the smackdown by defeating the awesome game on raw with the help of his partner brock lesnar, to earn #1 contendership to the tag team championships.

7. Rob Van Dam
The whole f'n show possibly got the biggest win of his career on smackdown when he defeated the world heavyweight champion the undertaker. even though RVD came up short in the 4 way match on raw, I see a bright future for MR.420.

8. Heath Slater
The one man band may be the biggest talker in WCW, and man can this guy talk, but heath slater shocked the world when he defeated RVD, Undertaker, and Edge on raw in a fatal 4 way match. boy im sure this guy is gonna be bragging for month's after that win, but to be honest, can you blame him.

9. Triple H
The game has had a rough couple of week's here in WCW, and im sure the game is hurting after that tag team loss from the connection. However if there is one thing about triple h to admire, it's when he falls down, he picks himself back up bigger and badder then ever. only time will tell if the game can rebound from this rough patch.

10. The Undertaker
The phenom also known as the current World Heavyweight Champion has seem to have hit rock bottom lately, he lost to RVD on smackdown, and came up short in the fatal 4 way match on raw. Halloween Havoc is rapidly approaching, will the deadman still be champ by the dim and dark Pay Per View, and if he is, im sure he will be sending someone to there final resting place.

Well there you go ladies and gentlemen here is your WCW power ten, im Michael Cole reporting from WCW headquarters, ill see you next week for next weeks power ten. thank you and have a good night.
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WCW Power 10 for the week of 9/30/12-10/6/12
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