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 WCW Power 10 for the week of 10/6/12-10/14/12

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PostSubject: WCW Power 10 for the week of 10/6/12-10/14/12   10/14/2012, 10:07 pm

Hi im Michael Cole, and welcome to the WCW Power 10! This week we will cover everything from last weeks smackdown to this weeks raw. It was an explosive week in WCW so without further ado here is your WCW Power 10!

1. Randy Orton
The viper suffered a loss to CM Punk on smackdown in a ladder match. but that didn't hurt the viper, it made him angry, it made the voices in his head go crazy and tell him go out there after the main event and cash in his money in the bank briefcase on the undertaker for a world title match right then and there. it was a brutal contest on both sides but the end result was an RKO and the World Heavyweight Championship for Randy Orton. the apex predator no holds the intercontinental title and the World title. what does the future hold for orton?

2. CM Punk
The best in the world finally got a win over Randy Orton on smackdown in a ladder match. of course as always punk had some words for orton, well excuse me paul heyman had some words for orton. heyman claims that he could sue orton for all he is worth, but instead chose to use his leverage to have punk get a title match against orton at halloween havoc.

3. Rob Van Dam
Mr. 420 not only defeated the undertaker a few weeks back but also defeated chris jericho on raw to win the United States Championship. this was no easy task, jericho held the belt for month's. RVD looks real good as of late and you can now call the real f'n show, the real f'n United States Champion.

4. Brock Lesnar
The war machine had an extreme rules match for the ages on smackdown in which he prevailed. however his partner the rock has gone m.i.a. what are Brock Lesnar's plans for the future? only time will tell.

5. Chris Jericho
After month's of holding on to his United States Championship, Y2J finally lost his title on raw this past monday to Rob Van Dam. some people may criticize whether jericho lost it due to his head not being in the game, due to his alternate persona's such as funka jericho and hulka jericho. will Y2J try and get back his title soon?

6. Edge
The Rated R Superstar had a Rated R extreme rules match with mick foley on smackdown. and even after hitting 4 spears on foley, mick foley still managed to come out of that match victorius. either way it was still a good showing by Edge. I think the question everyone is asking is, what's next for the Rated R Superstar?

7. Daniel Bryan
The submission specialist has looked as fierce as he ever has in his career. he picked up a win over Heath Slater on smackdown, and also a win over Jeff Hardy on raw. I love this new attitude of D-Bry as of late. can he keep it up and possibly lead him to a title shot in the future?

8. The Undertaker
The phenom successfully defended his World title on smackdown inside of hell in a cell against Triple H. but after the match the viper Randy Orton came out and cashed in his money in the bank briefcase and RKO'ED his way to his first world title in WCW. the deadman hasen't been seen yet. will taker arise soon?

9. Heath Slater
The one man band defeated Ted Dibiase on smackdown. slater continues to talk his way and actually wrestle his way to the top of WCW. im sure the arrogant air guitarist has plans for success.

10. Mick Foley
Mrs. Foley's baby boy can't decide what he wants to be, himself, a funkie dude, or a crazed psychopath. either way foley knocked off Edge on smackdown in an extreme rules match. who knows maybe all this gimmick changing will help lead foley to success here in WCW.

Well ladies and Gentlemen here is your WCW power 10. im Michael Cole signing off from WCW headquarters see you right back here next week.
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PostSubject: Re: WCW Power 10 for the week of 10/6/12-10/14/12   10/15/2012, 7:49 pm

I think you should the number they were the week before on the other side (so we can see how much they moved up or down without looking back)
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PostSubject: Re: WCW Power 10 for the week of 10/6/12-10/14/12   10/15/2012, 9:59 pm

good idea.


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PostSubject: Re: WCW Power 10 for the week of 10/6/12-10/14/12   

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WCW Power 10 for the week of 10/6/12-10/14/12
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