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 wCw Smackdown! Power Ten Age 2 Inaugural Edition 11-17-12

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wCw Smackdown! Power Ten Age 2 Inaugural Edition 11-17-12 Empty
PostSubject: wCw Smackdown! Power Ten Age 2 Inaugural Edition 11-17-12   wCw Smackdown! Power Ten Age 2 Inaugural Edition 11-17-12 Empty11/17/2012, 1:48 pm

Heath Slater HBK wrote:
WCW Smackdown! is Stephanie!
Power Ten for the week of 11-18 to 11-24

10. Rey Mysterio
BOOYAKA BOOYAKA! The Ultimate Underdog has flown his way into Age Two and he shows no signs of slowing down. Rey looks to prove his critics wrong and become the smallest champion in wCw history. Will he succeed? We know he has the heart of a champion, but with the high caliber talent on Smackdown!, he is going to have his work cut out for him.

9. Sheamus
It’s good to see the Irishman here in wCw! After feasting on lobsters and limes, Sheamus is ready to do what he loves the most: fight. While other superstars on the roster have hidden agendas, Sheamus’s agenda is simple. He wants to fight anyone as soon as possible. Will Sheamus be able to brogue kick his way to the top of the roster? One cannot say, but what we are certain of is that he will enjoy every second of it.

8. Kane
After a creepy and mysterious promo, the Big Red Machine is ready for Age Two. With a deadly arsenal of moves at his disposal, Kane is clearly going to be a dominant force on the roster. Kane’s plans are unclear, but his focus is unwavering. Who will be the first victim on Kane’s path of destruction?

7. Alberto Del Rio
Unfortunately, Alberto Del Rio has been one of the first faces to greet us on Friday Night Smackdown! This Mexican aristocrat has more money than Vince McMahon himself and won’t hesitate to use it in order to get ahead. With his ring announcer Ricardo Rodriquez at his side, Alberto Del Rio is as dangerous as he is wealthy. If the saying is true that everybody has a price, then Alberto Del Rio is the most powerful man on Smackdown!

6. The Big Show
The Big Show has been a dominant force in the early days of wCw. The seven foot giant walks into wCw with unknown intentions. Are we going to see the happy Show who smiles and wears funny hats? Or are we going to see the angry Show who looks to bulldoze the roster without an ounce of mercy? Regardless of which Big Show we get, it’s going to be a tough task bringing him down.

5. Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels has been in and out of wCw throughout its history and has had variable amounts of success. Now he returns once again to wCw Age Two and this time he looks to make an impact. With his best friend and his best friend’s girl running the show, it will be interesting to see where the Heart Break Kid’s loyalties lie.

4. The Rock
The end of Age One didn’t go the way The People’s Champ would have liked. After losing his shot for the Tag Title match at Halloween Havoc, we haven’t seen Rocky in quite some time. After spending the wCw hiatus on a diet consisting of only delicious pie, The Rock has come back to wCw. He has been placed on the show named after one of his famous catchphrases and is undoubtedly ready to claim what is rightfully his.

3. Daniel Bryan
“I’M THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION!” Daniel Bryan hasn’t stopped yelling this phrase ever since he beat Heath Slater in a gruesome ladder match at Halloween Havoc to capture The United States Championship. He is one giant step closer to accomplishing his goal of bringing wrestling back to wCw. So what’s in store for Bryan in Age Two? There is no doubt that he will look to ruin fun for just about anyone he can spout a sentence to. Does he look to enter the main event scene for more championship fame or will he have his hands full fighting off the dogs that are just begging to jump on an opportunity for the U.S. Title? Either way, Bryan will never cease to put on amazing matches and deliver great promos.

2. The Undertaker
Last we heard of The Dead Man, he no showed the main event of Halloween Havoc. Why? What could be going on in his dark mind? The Undertaker has confirmed that he will be present in Age Two, but his agenda is unknown. Does he still have gold in his eyes or will he look to reunite with or destroy his younger brother Kane? There is no doubt that losing his title has angered the Phenom, but with Randy Orton out of his reach, he will have to look for new blood to spill.

1. Triple H
The King of Kings enters Age Two as the King of Smackdown. With Stephanie McMahon as his Queen, there is nothing that can stand of the way of the new Smackdown royalty. Or is there? As one half of the wCw Tag Team Champions, Triple H is looking more lethal than ever as he looks to defend the gold he has while hunting more for his collection.
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wCw Smackdown! Power Ten Age 2 Inaugural Edition 11-17-12
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