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 wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012

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PostSubject: wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012   wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Empty12/15/2012, 3:18 am

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 People-power-logo

Hello ladies and Gentlemen,and welcome to Monday Night Raw Exclusive live in the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. I'm Jerry The King Lawyer here to bring you the good, the bad, and the ugly of wCw's Raw superstars. Michael couldn't be here tonight due to some issues at the Raw Headquarters in Downtown Honolulu Hawaii. But the show must continue, In two days Raw will take apart of the first wCw PPV of age 2, Anarchy!!! What to expect? Raw will crown a New wCw Intercontinental Champion, and also the wCw World Heavyweight Champion will be on the line, with the assistant of Paul Heyman can CM Punk walk out of Anarchy still wCw champion, or will his reign as champion come to an end? Tune in this Sunday as we bring you live coverage from backstage, to the pre-show to the Main Event. Now here is the People Power Ranking where superstars are determine to be on the Top.

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_tyson
Mike Tyson!!!
Mike Tyson has made a major effect here in wCw, by beating Makind, and Santino Marella. But this week he drops down to number 10 after suffering a lost to "Big Sexy Kevin Nash". Can Tyson prove to the wCw universe that he can back his game up, or has he met his match?

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_scotty
Scotty 2 Hotty!!!
As one member of too cool, Scotty comes in at number 9, After picking up a victory over John Bradshaw Layfield.

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_shelly
Alex Shelly!!!
The Rookie Alex Shelly comes in this week at number 8 after gaining a huge victory over the wCw Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. Can Shelly prove that he is Champion material and that he can beat "The Best in the World" or will he be sent back packing?

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_brodus
Brodus Clay!!!
Brodus Clay has won three straight week in a row, after picking up a victory over one half of the Tag Team Champions The Miz while things between him and Heath Slater gets tense. Can the One Man Band shut The FunkaSaurs up, or will he call his mama?

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_gunn
Billy Gunn!!!
Mr. Ass, has been kicking ASS, around here in wCw. After picking up a victory against the extreme Mick Foley. He comes in at number 6 in this weeks People Power Rankings. Who Ass will he kick next??

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_slater
Heath Slater!!!
The one man band advances to the finals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Heath Slater and Val Venis friendship has turned into a newly formed Tag Team, can the One Man Band be able to Tag with Venis, will the one Man Band be able to defeat "Big Sexy Kevin Nash" to become to Intercontinental Champion? Alot of questions here. We shall see...

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_punk
The wCw Champion has been on a major loosing streak the past month, Is Paul Heyman trying to screw the champion? If he don't get it together his title may be at stake.

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_cena
John Cena!!!
The leader of the Cenation John Cena earns his spot to Number 3 after picking up a victory of Too Cools Leader Rikshi. Cena showed that he can overcome any obstacle that steps in his way, No matter who it is, no matter what sixe they are, but he is determine to be wCw Champion once again

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_jericho
Y2J Chris Jerchio!!!
After loosing to the Viper Randy Orton, Y2J Comes in at Number 2. Can Chris Jerchio climb back up the ladder or will he continue to fall?

wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012 Raw_nash
"Big Sexy" Kevin Nash!!!
Kevin Nash is on a total winning streak. He has defeated Mike Tyson to Advance to the finals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Can "Big Sexy" continue his dominated winning streak and become the New Intercontinental Champion or will the One Man Band sing circles around him?

Well that's all we have for you folks, Make sure to tune in this Sunday for wCw Anarchy PPV, and with an Exclusive Power 25 Ranking. The Best Superstars from both shows on one list, that you don't want to miss. I'm Jerry the King Laywer saying goodnight from the Windy City.

* Guys i hope you like, I did my best! I'm not the best at this so give me some time. Thanks Prez!!!
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wCw Raw Power Ten 12/14/2012
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