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 Highlight Reel Questions

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PostSubject: Highlight Reel Questions   Highlight Reel Questions Empty12/27/2012, 12:13 pm

Ok guys listen up, I have a promo in the raw promo section called the highlight reel, I said in the promo that I would be taking questions form the fans to ask my 2 guests, I will pick 2 questions from the fans for each guest, this is where you guys come in, if you wanna participate by pretending to be the fans and getting JERICHO ACTIVE!, then send me a pm with some questions that you personally if you where a fan would wanna ask each guest, now so far I have only revealed Ziggler but I will be having another surprise guest appear a little bit later in the show. I will pick my favorite 2 questions per guest and ask them it in the promo.

Now I am sure you guys are wondering "well what do I get out of this if I participate, well first off your participation as always is greatly appreciated especially on raw where we need it, you will help make monday's cards be more fun and entertaining by getting involved, and of course the major incentive, well not major but still good, the 2 winners I pick will be awarded with 2sp for there effort. I know it's not much but I can't go out giving 60sp for this stuff so just do it to have fun, also if it goes well, I will try and do one of these as often as I can maybe every 2 weeks or something depends on how much time I have on my hands, I am not forcing anyone to do this but if you wanna give it a shot then hit me up via pm with some questions, thanks!

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Highlight Reel Questions
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