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 wCw Role play guide

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Vince McMahon
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wCw Chairman

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PostSubject: wCw Role play guide    2/16/2013, 3:06 am


Each user is suggested to write ONE promo per week.

The better the promo, the better chance of getting awarded more by your GM, Superstar Points.

Every MONDAY - SUNDAY allows you to write one RP that is acceptable for rewards. Then so on from there continuing every MONDAY to SUNDAY
you may be rewarded for interrupting another superstars promo that week instead of starting a new topic (SEE GUIDELINE)

If you are dissatisfied with your grade for a weeks promo you can make a new one and if it gets more points than your last one you point value will be replaced by the new one.

these are the general guidelines we ask you follow while creating a role play

-You CANNOT reply to a superstars promo in-character unless you are built in a feud with them already, or they have left their promo open to other superstars
If you would like to interrupt someones promo you may do so in two ways
1.) Get permission by PM through whomever created the promo
2.) Cash in Superstar points by PMing your GM subjected: SP: Interrupt - When granted you may post anytime in his topic.

-If you would like to grant any superstar the ability to reply to your promo please put in a tag at the end like so:
[This promo is open for any superstar to reply]

-When roleplaying if you'd like to use an action such as "Vince walks into his office" we prefer you type it with an alternate color like:
[Vince Mcmahon walks into his office] To ensure that the reader can differentiate between you speaking and you doing something.

-Please do not speak for a character, this dis-allows a player the ability to properly reply back. Only speak for yourself (or announcers/ring characters) and allow players to reply.

-No Invisible friends. This means do not include characters into your promo that are currently not on our roster. We allow announcers and WCW backstage staff to be exceptions.

-Please take some time and effort into writing your promos. As we've progressed we've a high expectation for players that join our fed have the ability to ROLEPLAY.
If you have time please take a few extra minutes to read some 4-STAR and 5-STAR promos from our history:

We encourage all players to study and emulate these kinds of styles into their promo, as they are the ingredients to a very good entry.

-We've allowed Youtube and Spoiler text in threads, this way you can play your characters theme in a promo, show a rival an old clip, or whatever you can think of! Just hit the [YouTube] or [Spoiler] buttons.

-Talk as if you are that superstar. You may alternate your character and shift gimmicks but please do try to sound like who you are!

That's about it... pretty relaxed fun stuff.. I wish luck to everyone in WCW


wCw Chairman

Mr. Vince McMahon
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wCw Role play guide
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