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 post match main event

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PostSubject: post match main event   3/2/2013, 7:23 pm

has done it king jericho has finally made it back to the top of the mountain. it was a long climb for him but he has done it.

In a very emotional moment for jericho he burys his face into the championship and embraces it as confetti starts to fall from the rafters until.

Morgan kicks jericho square in the mouth sending the championship belt flying outside of the ring. Morgan picks jericho back up and slams him to the ground with a hellivator as the crowd starts to boo very loudly.

{Matt Morgan}
Boo me go ahead if its not evident by now i really dont give a damn what any of you think. Morgan looks down at jericho and kicks him in the head one more time. Actually dont boo me this is not my fault.... you want someone to blame you need to blame vince he is the one responsible for this you know what this isnt worth my time.
Morgan throws the mic down slides out of the ring and starts to walk towards the ramp and pauses. He looks back at jericho still laying motionless on the canvas. A very evil smile comes across his face as he makes his way back to the ring. He grabs under the ring and gets a chair and slides back into the ring. Morgan walk his way towards jericho and repeatedly strikes him with the chair. The chair becomes so mangled that he can no longer swing the chair so morgan throws it down and picks the mic up one more time.
{Matt Morgan}
No matt please dont, stop I hear all of your cries but i dont give a damn this is all vinces fault. I should never have been placed in a match to defend my title a day after that grueling elimination chamber. So you want this to stop come on out vinnie mac stop me. The blueprint continues to pound on jericho until.



AJ Styles 2-0 Win/Loss (Current United States Champion)

Matt Morgan 4 - 1 Win/ Loss (0-1 royal rumble)
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post match main event
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