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PostSubject: Post - WrestleMania Power Ten   Post - WrestleMania Power Ten Empty5/10/2012, 11:57 pm

Power 10 rankings post wrestlemania.

Note these are the rankings after wrestlemania, but before raw.

One. World heavyweight champion, Edge
Edge skyrockets into the number one spot after winning the world heavyweight championship at wrestlemania.

two. The heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels
After winning his two out of three falls match against Jeff Hardy, HBK becomes the Intercontinental Champion and remains in the number two spot on this list.

Three. Randy Orton
at wrestlemania Orton became the junior division champion by climbing out of a steel cage. It should be noted that he had help from Batista. Also in the match was Dolph Ziggler, who was beaten so badly by the duo, he may never return.

four. The Rock
At wrestlemania, the people's champion, won a match to become the face of the company. He did this by eliminating three other men. Vampiro, Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Five. Daniel Bryan.
Daniel Bryan's name will forever be recorded in history as the man who broke the undertakers streak.

Six. Brock Lesnar.
Lesnar slides from spot one to spot six this week due to the injuries that have kept him out of wrestlemania.

Seven. Batista.
Batista moves up two slots due to winning the money in the bank briefcase, although it should be noted that his teammates Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels worked together to keep the other competitors at bay.

Eight. Broski Nation (John Cena and Zack Ryder)
Although new to WCW , these two men were able to claim the tag titles at wrestlemania.

Nine. The Miz / Vader.
Miz fought hard and well in the money in the bank match despite losing and that's what keeps him on the list. / Vader also put up a valiant effort, but did not win the world heavyweight title.

Ten. The Big Show / Cody Rhodes.
Big Show also battled hard in the money in the bank match against DX. That and his positive locker room influence keeps him on this list. / A brand-new face of the company, Cody Rhodes, won a triple threat table match against Christian and John Morrison. JoMo , who is also new had the unlucky honor of going through the table.

There you have it folks, the power 10 rankings for the WCW for week of May 13, 2012. I'm Biff Banter ESPN correspondent and brand-new WCW, fact checker, and interviewer. Thanks for tuning in.
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PostSubject: Re: Post - WrestleMania Power Ten   Post - WrestleMania Power Ten Empty5/11/2012, 12:38 am

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Post - WrestleMania Power Ten
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