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 wCw Power 10 - June 17th , 2012

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PostSubject: wCw Power 10 - June 17th , 2012   wCw Power 10 - June 17th , 2012 Empty6/20/2012, 6:48 pm

Greetings WCW Universe, This is Biff Banter with your look at this week’s WCW Power 10!

1. DX aka D-Generation X (Undertaker , Kane , Randy Orton . Batista)
With Survivor Series looming over the horizon, DX has shown why they are the dominant faction in the WCW. Although Kane lost to JoMo in a World Championship preview, Undertaker beat the WCW’s resident “Mastadon” in a Brutal and Extreme Inferno Match to help carry DX’s momentum into the Big WCW Vs DX Match at Survivor Series.

2. John Morrison
Is Morrison World Title Material? After an Impressive Win against Kane on Friday Night and, beating up & comer, Sin Cara on Raw, the momentum he has going into the Triple Threat Match against Kane & World Heavyweight Champion Edge, gives him a huge advantage.

3. Sheamus
The “Great White” Sheamus has been on an absolute tear within the ranks of WCW since his debut. This past week was no different. He has beaten every one who has gotten in his path as well as earning a shot at the US Title any time at his choosing.

4. Triple H
The Game has brought exactly that since returning to the ranks of WCW. With multiple wins over the “Nuclear War Machine” Ryback and being a part of Team WCW along with The Rock and Jeff Hardy, “The Game” seems far from being over.

5. The Rock
The Face of WCW and the leader of Team WCW! The Great One is looking to rally the troops in an effort to stop the impending takeover by DX! Can Rocky, Jeff Hardy & The Game win agaist those insurmountable odds?

6. Ryback
Seemingly almost unstoppable, Ryback has been tearing through the “MEAT” as he is fed challenger after challenger. After a couple losses to HHH, his focus hasn’t waivered and the addition Eric Bischoff, could only raise his value within the WCW.

7. Vader
After losing to DX member, The Undertaker in an Inferno match, The Mastodon bounced back by beating Bill Goldberg in a hard fought contest. However, Vader made a point, to not only the entire WCW Universe, but to our own “Good Ol’ JR” Jim Ross by assaulting the legend during a recent sit down interview.

8. World Heavyweight Champion , Edge
Edge is feeling the pressure of not one but two contenders to his world title. With John Morrison and Kane breathing down his neck and the increasing paranoia settling in, will Edge be able to come out on top?

9. Kevin Steen
Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare is just that. After a couple of strong showings , Kevin Steen, the Current Ring of Honor Champion has impressed many in the ring. But his words have gained him more attention and, more importantly the ire of the entire WCW Locker Room. The venom he spews may have bitten him off more than he could possibly chew.

10. Stone Cold Steve Austin & Wade Barrett
This Duo returned and made sure that the WCW Universe took notice. The came back with a victory over WCW World Tag Team Champions , Cena & Bryan. Making the statement that they are ready to dethrone the champions and to begin a reign of terror as unique as this tandem.

"It is all fun and games until someone loses an eye...then it is just fun you can't see."


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wCw Power 10 - June 17th , 2012
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