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 wCw POWER 10 - June 23rd , 2012 - Pre Survivor Series Edition

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wCw POWER 10 - June 23rd , 2012 - Pre Survivor Series Edition Empty
PostSubject: wCw POWER 10 - June 23rd , 2012 - Pre Survivor Series Edition   wCw POWER 10 - June 23rd , 2012 - Pre Survivor Series Edition Empty6/23/2012, 10:22 pm

Hi , everyone. I'm Biff Banter. Thank you for taking a few moments out of your day
to be here. Survivor Series is tomorrow and the locker room is buzzing about all
the matches The GM has set up for us. I , for one , can't wait to see the end of
D-Generation X finally. But , you're not here for my opinions. So Let's look at
this week's Power 10.

1. John Morrison
The Shaman of Sexy is on a roll. He is on his way to dethroning Randy Orton as the
holder of wCw's longest winning streak ever. Tomorrow , The Guru of Greatness gets
his shot at the World Heavyweight Title. It should also be noted that JoMo beat the
freshly returned Brock Lesnar on NXT this week.

2. Sheamus
The Celtic Warrior is white-hot in wCw right now. He has 13 days left to cash in
his US Title shot and faces John Cena tomorrow at Survivor Series for the
Intercontinental Title. But , what was he thinking when he attacked Jim Ross ?

3. D-Generation X (Undertaker , Kane , Randy Orton)
The antics of DX have slowed to a crawl as Survivor Series approaches , knocking
the group down a few notches. Could they be having internal problems ? Or maybe
they plan on coming in strong and making the rest of us 'Suck It."

4. Triple H
The Game has been dominating this week as he tried to show Ron Killings the truth.
And he opened the eyes of both Jeff Hardy and the wCw universe this past week. How
will Triple H do on Team wCw as he faces the carriers of his legacy tomorrow ?

5. MVP
The principal member of The Purple Dildo Posse has been involved in a
self-contained feud with Dolph Ziggler lately. And has pretty much owned him.
Ziggler gets a final chance to redeem himself at Survivor Series.

6. Booker T
The one-time King has been hot lately. Most recently , he defeated the returning CM
Punk on Raw and lit a fire.

7. CM Punk
The self-proclaimed Best In The World returned on Raw and was defeated by Booker T.
More importantly , The Straight Edge Savior dropped a serious pipe bomb on the wCw
universe after the match.

8. World Heavyweight Champion , Edge
The Rated R Champion has been very quiet lately. He still holds this position
simply because he holds The World Title.

9. John Cena
The Doctor of Thuganomics , one half of the Tag Team Champions has also been quiet
lately. I'm sensing a trend here. The Intercontinental Champ will be defending not
one , but two titles at Survivor Series tomorrow. Good thing he has the Cenation
behind him.

10. Sin Cara / Kevin Steen / Dolph Ziggler
It's a three-way tie for Number Ten , but remember , it's not gay if it's in a
threeway, No Homo. Anyway , The former Mystico defeated R-Truth this week.
Wrestling's Worst Nightmare continued to piss off everyone in wCw. And The Showoff
stood his ground against MVP. Wait.......Whoa.....Ziggles, NO. Steen.......I didn't
mean it. Please guys, put the dildo down. I hate purple.

Dis-honorable Mention..... Wade Barrett
Barrett is the unlucky guy caught in the crossfire when his partner Stone Cold was
unceremoniously fired by The GM behind closed doors this week.

That's it. Enjoy Survivor Series.
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wCw POWER 10 - June 23rd , 2012 - Pre Survivor Series Edition
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