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 wCw POWER 10 - July 14th , 2012

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wCw POWER 10 - July 14th , 2012  Empty
PostSubject: wCw POWER 10 - July 14th , 2012    wCw POWER 10 - July 14th , 2012  Empty7/16/2012, 4:21 pm

Greetings WCW Universe, This is Biff Banter with your look at this week’s WCW Power 10!

1. The Ministry of Darkness (Undertaker, Kane, Randy Orton)
With The Undertaker staking claim to the #1 contendership to the World Heavyweight Title and Randy Orton having some very impressive wins in the King of the Ring Tournament (especially with stable mate, The Undertaker) and not to mention they control Monday Night Raw along with their cohort Kane. Can Anyone stop this Unholy Alliance With

2. Sheamus
“The Great White” made himself a household name by snatching the United States Championship from the former Two-Time Champion, Brock Lesnar. Now will Sheamus have just as an impressive title reign as his stay here in wCw so far?

3. Brock Lesnar
Lesnar, a Two time United States Champion, may have lost his belt to Sheamus but former NCAA Champion is looking for bigger & better things to conquer.

4. The Kliq (Triple H, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, John Cena & CM Punk)
With the return of “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash, who just happened to join forces with an old friend, Triple H, the Band is back together. Adding a couple of new faces to the faction, CM Punk and wCw Intercontinental Champion and ½ of the World Tag Team Champions, John Cena. This group might just be the answer wCw has been looking for or could they be something completely different?

5. World Heavyweight Champion, Edge
Our World Champion has been sparse in action as of late but with hectic schedules and personal appearances…that has time to fight when you are the hottest commodity wCw has!

6. MVP
With a win over Triple H in the 1st round of the KOTR, MVP is positioning himself to take the tournament and the money in the bank briefcase. Can he keep racking up the impressive wins to the top prize?

7. Booker T
Booker T looked impressive in his match with Ryback to advance on to the 2nd round. Can the Master of the Spin-a-rooni, dance his way to the finals? Only time will tell.

8. ½ of the World Tag Team Champions, Daniel Bryan
With his partner teaming up with “The Kliq”, where does that leave the “American Dragon”? This situation is all somewhat too familiar for when Bryan double crossed his former partner, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

9. The Extremists, Matt Hardy & Mick Foley
With both men returning to the wCw and set to make waves. The unlikely duo of Matt hardy & Mick Foley, they are set to take the tag team division of wCw to…the…EXTREME!

10. Jeff Hardy & the Rock (TIE)
Both men are slipping since before the Survivor Series and both men continue to hang on in the top 10. 1 or 2 top tier performances should really help show the world their worth.

This week's POW 10 supplied by BigMookJive !!!!!!
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wCw POWER 10 - July 14th , 2012
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